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Skills Assessment

For a software security training program to be successful, it’s important to track and verify that learners are developing the skills needed to reduce security risk and comply with industry standards.

Gain invaluable insights into individual proficiency levels and enable targeted and personalized learning experiences by directly assessing learner capabilities. Our knowledge exams and hands-on skills verification ensure that learners receive tailored training, avoiding unnecessary time spent on content they already know.

  • Track and verify skills in combination with powerful analytics.
  • By advancing through customized pathways learners can test out of content they already know and be assigned training appropriate to their knowledge and skill level.
  • Motivate learners and create friendly competition. Learners can showcase their skills by demonstrating proficiency through assessments to qualify for certificates.
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Insights For

Program Owners

  • Verify and track knowledge and skills
  • Fill gaps with only required training
  • Increase learner engagement and satisfaction
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Verify Skills For


  • Save time and frustration by demonstrating known capabilities
  • Certificates to share on social platforms and prove knowledge and skills

Knowledge Checks and Hands-On Skill Verification

Skills Assessment provides a powerful exam engine plus a database of questions associated with each of the courses available in the Base Camp course library with customizable sets of questions tagged for each course.

For a blend of tested knowledge and hands-on skills, pathways can be configured to require learners to complete a specified number of labs or achieve a minimum Cyber Range score.

Reporting and Analytics

Track skills and assessments with robust reporting and analytics, including summary charts and graphs, as well as detailed user and group reports for a holistic understanding of learner progress.

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Build Skills That Stick

The Base Camp training platform, by Security Innovation, combines micro-modules, labs, and realistic application cyber range environments to build skills that stick. Training the people who create and deploy software securely is essential for reducing risk and maintaining compliance. The result? Unrivaled engagement and measurable results to empower your security culture.

250+ Courses

All roles and skill levels across the SDLC

125+ Labs

Practical, guided scenarios

11 Cyber Ranges

Ultra realistic simulated environments

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